Mt. Pamitinan [May 7, 2016]

Mt. Pamitinan’s infamous photo op spot!

Whoa, it’s been a while! I can’t believe the my last post here is my day hike to Mt. Batolusong. I still have a lot to share though, my trip to Bicol, Coron, Cebu and a day trip to Laiya! Guess they can wait. Haha.

This day hike was initiated by my good friend (also the person whom I first shared this idea of mountain climbing) but since we haven’t exercised and our bodies couldn’t probably take an overnight climb, we just decided to do a day hike instead. Mt. Pamitinan is located in Rodriguez, Rizal and is just an hour and a half away from Cubao. Looks practical! Initially, we wanted to invite a few close friends but then those close friends invited their friends and we were shocked we reached a total of 14 people!

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