Mt. Ugo (15.06.26)

My name is Angelica and I live in Manila, Philippines.

Currently, I am obsessed with travelling. The idea of going to new places, meeting people, exploring islands and climbing mountains excites me more than anything.

Aside from family trips to Baguio, Subic and Tagaytay, my first actual trip was last October 2011 (I was 18 then) with my travel buddy, Hannah. We went to Bacolod, Iloilo and Boracay. Still one of the unforgettable out of town trips of my life. ☺

At 22, I started climbing mountains. My first hike was at Pico de Loro last August 2014 and I sort of got addicted to it. My whole body was sore but I went home and searched for other mountains for my next climb. It all started there. 😉

On weekdays, I am mostly working. If I’m not on the road, you’ll see me in front of the laptop, absorbed in a Korean or Japanese drama, or watching One Piece, or reading a book.


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