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Mt. Batolusong [February 28, 2016]

Forever in love with this kind of view! @ Mt. Batolusong

On our way to Brgy. San Andres, the FX driver told me that Mt. Daraitan is more beautiful and more acknowledged in Facebook (that’s what he said) than Mt. Batolusong. I haven’t climbed Mt. Daraitan yet but I’m now looking forward because Mt. Batolusong is enchantingly beautiful!

It was cloudy, windy with occasional drizzles. It was the perfect weather for a dayhike especially Mt. Batolusong is famous for it’s Pulag-like grassland. We started our hike at exactly 8AM and arrived at Mapatag Plateau at 11AM. Yes it took us three hours partly because of me (I was at the end of the group) and partly because of taking photos.

I became dizzy right after the first 20 minutes of the hike. It was a continuous assault. I have never felt that level of dizziness in my entire hiking experience. It was like the world was turning around and whenever I got up, I will stumble. I had to sit down for a good five minutes and closed my eyes. I even considered to go back to the jump off because I cannot  risk my life if I get in an accident. Thankfully, I felt better after eating a piece of candy and a good five minute rest.

Grassy trail
Trail with a beautiful backdrop

The trail continued its gradual assault and we took our time in hiking. We take photos, we eat and we rest every 15 minutes. Haha.

Trail nearing Mapatag Plateau

We ate our lunch at Mapatag Plateau and after an hour of rest, we decided to descend to the Kay Ibon falls. It was a 30 – 45 minutes of walk.

I have no pictures of it because we used the GoPro of my friend.


  • 0500 – Meetup in Jollibee Farmers, Cubao
  • 0530 – Departure to Brgy. San Andres via rented FX
  • 0730 – Arrival at Brgy. San Andress jump off ; Register and get guides
  • 0800 – Start trek
  • 1100 – Reached Mapatag Plateau; Lunch
  • 1200 – Descend to Kay Ibon falls
  • 1245 – Reched Kay Ibon falls; free time
  • 1430 – Wash up
  • 1500 – Start trek to the highway to wait for the rented FX
  • 1515 – ETD Brgy. San Andres
  • 1700 – Back at Cubao


  • Rented FX – P 300 for back and forth fare*
  • Fee – P 20
  • Guide Fee – P 100
  • Packed lunch from Jollibee – P 80

*we contracted the driver to bring us up to the jump off point for that price

TOTAL: P 500.00

More photos:

Group picture!

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