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Kalanggaman Island [February 20 – 22, 2016]

Kalanggaman Island 16.02.23

I learned about Kalanggaman Island through the internet way back in 2014. Since then, I’ve always talked to my friends and workmates of how I dreamed of going to that island. I wanted to see that sandbar so bad!

I already attempted to reach this island last August 2015 but the weather was so bad we had to reroute to Sambawan Island.

We reached Palompon from Tacloban in 2 hours. It was already around noon time so we decided to take our lunch in the tourism office and buy supplies for the overnight camping. It was a hot day.

At 2PM, the assistants in the tourism office asked us if we could share the boat to other groups since there are only 6 of us. Of course we agreed. There’s nothing better with more people sharing the cost, right?

Pump boat – Good for 15 persons – 3K
White sand

We reached the island after one hour of boat ride. It was really beautiful. The pictures in the internet didn’t lie!

There were already a lot of people camping but luckily we found an empty cottage near the beach and set our camp there.

Cottage with chairs and tables
Our tents 😉

After setting our camp, putting sunblock and changing our clothes, we excitedly went to see famous sandbar of Kalanggaman. And we were not disappointed.


There’s not much to explore after you reach the end of the sandbar so we decided to go back and cook food for our dinner.

Unfortunately, I have no picture of our sumptuous dinner – adobong pusit, rice, liempo, ensaladang talong, krab & corn soup ♥

Woke up the next day still feeling giddy and excited to see the sunrise. Most are still asleep due to late night socials.


We spent the rest of our morning swimming. The water is so cool and clear. We had brunch (breakfast + lunch) before we left the island at 1pm.

At 2PM we were back at the tourism office, washed up and rented a van bound to Tacloban. There are no more trips to Tacloban after 10:30AM and we were pretty aware of this but still, luck was on our side. We shared with another group the rent of 3.5K for a Hi-Ace van.

At 5PM we were back in Tacloban. 🙂

A lot of friends are asking so I want to share our DIY itinerary and actual expenses here.



  • 0630 – Flight MNL – TAC
  • 0800 – Arrival at Tacloban, headed straight to the bus terminal to look for Palompon bound vans
  • 0920 – Short breakfast before heading to Palompon
  • 0940 – ETD to Palompon, Leyte
  • 1200 – ETA Palompon; Register at the Tourism office
  • 1300 – Buy supplies at the market; Lunch
  • 1430 – ETD Kalanggaman Island via rented boat good for 15PAX
  • 1530 – ETA Kalanggaman Island; Set up camp
  • 1600 – FREE TIME
  • 1730 – Prepare dinner
  • 1900 – DINNER ; Socials, free time
  • 2100 – Lights out


  • 0530 – Wake up call to see sunrise
  • 0630 – Coffee for breakfast then off for a swim!
  • 0930 – Explore the sandbar, take pictures
  • 1100 – Prepare BRUNCH (our leftovers last night basically)
  • 1200 – Take moreeee pictures
  • 1300 – Back to Palompon
  • 1400 – Wash up; head back to Tacloban
  • 1700 – ETA Tacloban, check in hotel
  • 1900 – Look for a place to eat (we dined at Rustic Pizza)
  • 2100 – Back to the hotel

DAY 3 – Flight back to Manila!


  • Airfare roundtrip (Manila to Tacloban and vice versa) – P 600.00
  • Jeep to the van terminal – P 50.00
  • Fare to Palompon – P 150.00
  • Entrance for an overnight stay at Kalanggaman – P225.00
  • Boat rent (3K for 15 persons) – P 215.00
  • Food supplies (1.8K for 6 persons) – P 300.00
  • Fare back to Tacloban (3.5K for 14 persons) – P 250.00
  • Check in at GV Hotel – P 400.00

TOTAL EXPENSES including AIRFARE: P 2,190.00

I did not add our dinner/lunch expenses because it depends upon you and your group if you want to eat at the local carinderias or try some of the good restos around (which we did).

In any case, try to go to Canto Fresco and Pop Up Kitchen in Tacloban! Recommended!




Clear water!
Sandbar in the morning





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