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Mt. Sipit Ulang + Payaran Falls

At the rocky summit of Mt. Sipit Ulang

Yay for first hike of the year! This time we decided to go somewhere with falls. My friend, Crishelle, chose Mt. Sipit Ulang since we can do a sidetrip to Payaran Falls. Taking a dip after a strenuous hike is always rewarding. Honestly, we planned to hike Mt. Batulao because, well, we love that mountain but due to the current tension, and fellow climbers suggesting that we should avoid that mountain, for now.

We invited friends and didn’t expect that we have gathered a total of 29 people! Some of them already joined our previous climbs but some are totally new and just a friend of a friend of a friend. New friends are always welcome!

New and old friends!



Since we’re more than 10 persons, we opted to hire a van instead of commuting ourselves. Fortunately, there are available 18-seater vans in Cubao. The driver also offered to drive us up to the jump off point, allowing us not to take the tricycle which costs P150.

After registration, we proceed with the hike. The weather was great! It was cloudy and windy but not the too-windy-it’ll-blow-you-off-your-feet but the refreshing kind of wind, I don’t know if this makes sense. But it was not hot and the trail is friendly. After a few gradual ascend, we arrived at the first rock formation, we climbed those rocks with the help of our guides, and took photos. Yay!

After this, we resumed our trek to more rocky trail, not complaining though, and decided not to take any more pictures since we’ve wasted a lot of time. Haha. We needed to be on the summit before lunch and descend on time so we can have a lot of times in the falls.

In action!

Around 10AM, we decided not to continue with the trail-pa-more trail and just use the shortcut to the summit since we’re running out of time.

Before 11AM, we arrived at the summit. Bought some ice candy and climbed the rocks! Make sure to bring gloves for your hands. I didn’t that’s why it was so hard since the rocks are sharp and can wound your hands.

At the so-called Sipit Ulang rock formation!
More rocks, more fun!

We started our descend around noon but since the weather was good and the trail is friendly, we did not even rest and continued trekking for an hour until we reached the Brgy Hall. We had our packed lunch (mine was bought in Jollibee though haha) and rested for a bit.

Now off to the falls! Another 45 minutes of walk (but our guide told us it would be one and a half hour to reach the falls) and we reached our destination. Unfortunately, there’s not too much water due to el nino. But still, the cold water is so rewarding! We stayed at the falls for almost 2 hours.

Happy climbers!

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