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On Hiatus

This site is officially dead. I have less than ten entries drafted but I couldn’t finish them all. I’ve been in a roller coaster ride for this month and I’m not quite sure if I can manage to continue this site.

I have pending posts, all in the draft folder for the following trips:

  1. Mt. Tibig
  2. Pico de Loro
  3. Mt. Pulag
  4. Tarak Ridge
  5. Mt. Ugo
  6. Burot Beach
  7. Sambawan Island
  8. Tacloban City

This month, I lost someone dear to me. I’m not sure but I have this resolve that I won’t be  travelling/climbing again until next year (not sure about the climbing though because I really miss the trails). I have to pull myself together. I need to plan for the future and I’m not getting any younger (hello I’m nearing quarter life now). SO I decided to make the most of my remaining months of 2015 to planning and saving money and what to do with my life.

Anyway, I might have to finish all those pending drafts after all.



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