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24.05.15 – Mt. Maranat & Maranat Falls

One of the falls in Maranat

I have done several minor climbs for the past 7 months. This time, me and my friends decided to find a mountain which has waterfalls so we could swim, relax and enjoy. We just did our research and voila, decided to hike Mt. Maranat. What enticed us is the number of falls this mountain has to offer.

Our itinerary:

Mt. Maranat

For only PHP 300.00, we had an epic adventure!

As usual, the call time was delayed one hour because we decided to just catch a Tungko bound bus in Cubao. We arrived at Tungko after almost one hour. From there, I bought water and food (hotdog) at 711 to serve as my breakfast. 😛 The jeepneys bound to Licao Licao can be found near BDO.  After another 45 minutes, we arrived at the jump off point.

There were eight of us and instead of getting a guide, we decided to join the other hikers, in which until now I have not decided it it was a good or bad idea. We joined a group of four hikers, two guys and two girls. We asked them if we could follow them to the trails of Maranat. They willingly said yes to us.

We started the trek at 8AM. The trail is slightly upward, it’s embarrassing how we started panting right after. Haha. Of course, the two couples we joined were slightly ahead of us. They were fast! Later we found out that they’re experts in mountaineering. One of them is a trail runner too.

After 45 minutes of continuous walking through the village, passing through some locals’ houses, we arrived at the store dubbed as ‘Mini Stop’, Here we refilled our water bottles and I decided to buy pansit for just PHP 20.00. After 15 minutes of resting and refilling our water pack, we resumed with the trek. This time the trail has been more open, passing through some grasslands.

The open trail
The open trail

After 15 minutes, we arrived at a hut in the middle of the open trail. We rested for several minutes and at 9:30AM we started battling the heat while walking. At 10AM, we were descending to the location of river crossing. The descent was manageable though I kept on thinking how would I survive the assault when we go back haha.

At 10:30AM, we were crossing the river. Only four of us crossed the above-the-knee level of water. Our other companions decided to join the couple’s way of crossing the river by jumping at the rocks. The rocks were huge! Some of the hikers that day told Ms. Crishelle and I not to use the rocks and cross the river instead. We followed their advice since we were scared and the rocks looked dangerous. (I have no photos since I was afraid my camera would get wet if I get it from my bag). River crossing was easy but you have to be careful since the rocks below are slippery!

After another 15 minutes, we arrived at the first waterfalls wherein we had our lunch.

Lunch beside the waterfalls
Lunch beside the waterfalls

At 11:45AM, we went higher through the rocks. It was my first time scrambling, lifting myself and sliding through the rocks. It was very dangerous.. yet we were thrilled! We passed several waterfalls until we decided to settle on a small waterfall wherein there’s no one there.

Taking a dip
Taking a dip

At 12PM, we were chilling at this mini falls (as I call it), swimming (yes it’s possible haha), laughing and taking pictures.

At 1PM, we decided to pack our things since it would take us another 3 hours descending and we wanted to catch the last trip of  jeep from Licao Licao to Tungko.

The descent was tiring. One, because after the river crossing, we assaulted all the way to the other top. I was panting and my heartbeat was racing rapidly. The heat of the sun was draining our bodies. Ms. Crishelle and I decided to rest only if we see a shaded part because there’s no point in resting if the sun was scorching above you.

At 3:30PM, we were back at the mini stop. We had our remaining food, and we bought softdrinks. I never knew that Royal tastes like heaven until after that 2 hours of trekking under the sun.

At 4:30PM, we were back at the jump off point. Each of us took a bath and at 6PM, we were bound to Tungko.

DSC02293Overall, Mt. Maranat is dayhike-able, but I would suggest an overnight camping if you’d like to have more time swimming and exploring all the waterfalls. AND! An important advice, hire a GUIDE if you’re not familiar with the mountain. Of course, joining other groups is fine but then with our experience, they were so fast we couldn’t keep up with their pace. They were clearly more experienced and I think we slowed them haha. But still grateful because they helped us with all those rock climbings/crawling/scrambling.


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