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17.05.15 – Mt. Batulao


After a month of not hiking, I was already missing the trails. My last hike to Mt. Batulao was last October 2014, and it was one of my favorite dayhikes. Why? Because of the breathtaking view that is always visible while you are trekking!

I decided to do a solo climb up to Mt. Batulao but was a little bit scared so I invited my friends. But only CJ confirmed haha. So with the two of us, we boarded a Nasugbu bound bus from Edsa Taft.

At 8:30AM, we started our trek. It was already hot at that time and we were getting dizzy. At 9:30AM, we chose the old trail traverse to new trail. At 10:00AM, we arrived at the old trail camp site. CJ decided to take a nap while I looked around and took photos.

At quarter to 11AM, we decided to do the one last assault to the summit. It was very hot and we were constantly stopping for rest.

The view of the new trail from the old trail
The view of the new trail from the old trail

At 12PM, we conquered the summit! There were fewer hikers there compared to our first hike.

CJ and I at the summit of Mt. Batulao
CJ and I at the summit of Mt. Batulao

We have no packed lunch so after buying softdrinks and taking photos, we decided to start our descent and find a shelter wherein we could take a nap. Yes, we like taking naps!

View from the summit
View from the summit

After an hour we reached the camp site at the new trail. We registered, paid and left after washing our hands (because it got really dirty). At 2:00PM, we were back to the diversion between the old and new trail. We decided to take a 15 minutes break. Ony, our friend who missed this hike, fetched us from there. We trekked back to the jump off.

At 4PM, we had our late lunch of Bulalo and Sisig! And Ony drove us back to Manila. 🙂

Me, flying
Me, flying

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