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Mt. Pamitinan [May 7, 2016]

Mt. Pamitinan’s infamous photo op spot!

Whoa, it’s been a while! I can’t believe the my last post here is my day hike to Mt. Batolusong. I still have a lot to share though, my trip to Bicol, Coron, Cebu and a day trip to Laiya! Guess they can wait. Haha.

This day hike was initiated by my good friend (also the person whom I first shared this idea of mountain climbing) but since we haven’t exercised and our bodies couldn’t probably take an overnight climb, we just decided to do a day hike instead. Mt. Pamitinan is located in Rodriguez, Rizal and is just an hour and a half away from Cubao. Looks practical! Initially, we wanted to invite a few close friends but then those close friends invited their friends and we were shocked we reached a total of 14 people!

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Dayhike · Mountain Climbing

Mt. Batolusong [February 28, 2016]

Forever in love with this kind of view! @ Mt. Batolusong

On our way to Brgy. San Andres, the FX driver told me that Mt. Daraitan is more beautiful and more acknowledged in Facebook (that’s what he said) than Mt. Batolusong. I haven’t climbed Mt. Daraitan yet but I’m now looking forward because Mt. Batolusong is enchantingly beautiful!

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Dayhike · Mountain Climbing

24.05.15 – Mt. Maranat & Maranat Falls

One of the falls in Maranat

I have done several minor climbs for the past 7 months. This time, me and my friends decided to find a mountain which has waterfalls so we could swim, relax and enjoy. We just did our research and voila, decided to hike Mt. Maranat. What enticed us is the number of falls this mountain has to offer.

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